Articulation and Phonological Disorders

Articulation refers to how speech sounds are made. Acquisition of speech sounds occurs developmentally over a period of years. The age at which a child should be able to produce each particular sound varies, depending on the sound. Intelligibility refers to how “understandable” a child's speech is. Young toddlers (ages 1-2) are still learning how to speak and may only be understood by family members and friends about 50% of the time. By age 3 a child is usually understood by most listeners at least 75% of the time, and most 4 and 5 year olds are approaching 100% intelligibility.
Do friends and family have difficulty understanding your child? Does your child show signs of frustration because he/she is not being understood? Does your school-age child produce sounds in words differently than his peers? Call us to schedule an Articulation Evaluation to help your child improve his communication abilities.


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